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The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.? They are links to?PDF files.? Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE: ?This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

?? Case Name?? ??? Citation number???? Release Date??
R. v. Bloom2018 MBQB 106June 21, 2018
R. v. Allen2018 MBQB 105June 19, 2018
Fletcher v. The Government of Manitoba2018 MBQB 104June 19, 2018
Sekhon v. Minister of Education and Training2018 MBQB 99June 12, 2018
R. v. Miles2018 MBQB 95June 8, 2018
Modified Thermoset Resins Inc. v. Westland Construction Ltd. et al.2018 MBQB 69June 7, 2018
Kalo v. Winnipeg (City of) on behalf of Winnipeg Police Service2018 MBQB 68May 30, 2018
Canada Post Corporation v. Canada (A.G.)2018 MBQB 87May 28, 2018
Re Topsyn Flexible Packaging Ltd.2018 MBQB 83May 17, 2018
Winnipeg (City of) v. The Neighbourhood Bookstore and Cafe Ltd.2018 MBQB 79May 10, 2018
Olford et al. v. Springwood Homes Inc.2018 MBQB 78May 10, 2018
Diduck v. Simpson2018 MBQB 76May 10, 2018
R. v. Larson2018 MBQB 72May 9, 2018
R. v. Kionke2018 MBQB 71May 8, 2018
R. v. McLeod2018 MBQB 73May 4, 2018
Free Enterprise Bus Lines Inc. et al. v. Winnipeg Exclusive Bus Tours Inc. et al.2018 MBQB 64April 25, 2018
Costik et al. v. Shipp2018 MBQB 59April 20, 2018
Kinnarath v. Delta Air Lines, Inc. et?al.2018 MBQB 58April 16, 2018
Toyota Credit Canada Inc. v. MNP Ltd.2018 MBQB 57April 11, 2018
R. v. Stuart2018 MBQB 54April 5, 2018
Pisclevich v. Manitoba2018 MBQB 52April 4, 2018
R. v. Asselin2018 MBQB 55April 3, 2018
Telecommunications Employees Association of Manitoba, Inc. (Team-IFPTE Local 161) v. MTS Inc.2018 MBQB 50March 29, 2018
R. v. Surminsky2018 MBQB 47March 26, 2018
R. v. Sutherland2018 MBQB 44March 16, 2018
Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd. v. Structal Heavy Steel2018 MBQB 41March 14, 2018
R. v. Ryle2018 MBQB 32March 8, 2018
R. v. Kirton2018 MBQB 20March 6, 2018
R. v. Linklater2018 MBQB 38March 2, 2018
R. v. Bradette2018 MBQB 36March 1, 2018
R. v. Castelein2018 MBQB 37February 27, 2018
Subaru Canada, Inc. v. Hall2018 MBQB 33February 23, 2018
ดูบอลสดทรูสปอร์ต MWG Apparel Corp. v. Shelter Canadian Properties Ltd.2018 MBQB 30February 8, 2018
R. v. Monias2018 MBQB 29February 7, 2018
American Piledriving Equipment, Inc. v. Manitoba Hydro2018 MBQB 27February 6, 2018
R. v. Buckels et al.2018 MBQB 25February 5, 2018
R. v. Cameron2018 MBQB 24February 2, 2018

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